Waste Generation is a Growing Problem

Tons of waste generated per day in 2025

​​​​World Bank estimates

The Future Must Become
A Circular Economy

Not only is waste growing, but recycling markets are collapsing around the  world

Continuus drives the Circular Economy by creating new, superior performance products at affordable prices.

Much of what goes into waste streams are high quality plastics and cellulose fiber
By capturing these valuable materials that are destined for landfill, we produce a new source of raw material

Our expertise is capturing and extracting the valuable materials  discarded in waste streams to transform them into new high performance products.

At a scale not possible until now.

We operate the largest post-consumer and post-industrial waste separation facility in North America

That captures mixed paper and plastic destined for landfill and transform it into a new raw material

Then manufacture that new material into fuel or building materials for exterior walls and commercial roofs.

By using Continuus EVERBOARD™ roof cover boards for  large commercial roof projects, companies with zero waste goals qualify for waste diversion volumes that can be used as an offset towards their
zero-waste reporting.


Continuus has proven they can take mixed paper and plastic and turn them into products that create jobs here in the United States. That’s what recycling is really all about—closing the loop. Not just collecting the materials, but turning them into products that can be used over and over.

Bridgett Luther, Former Director, CA Dept of Conservation


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